Friday, July 29, 2011

Wigs In the Wig District

I had an internship in the Wig District (kinda Flatiron, kinda "Midtown South") last winter. It was exciting to commute to Manhattan among the rush hour hordes, and even though it was usually too bitter out to explore the neighborhood all that much, I feel like I got a good overview. And I discovered (meaning 'found on the internet') the excellent Chandni restaurant, and the charming Johny's Luncheonette. I always cannot help but feel anger at the people who, given the huge amount of cheap, delicious and varied lunch options in the city, opt instead to eat at nasty Chipotle every day.

Chandni is located directly across from the uber-fancy Ace Hotel, which, at present, is refreshingly at odds with the wig stores, the wholesale purse stores, the African men hustling on the street, and the constant traffic of deliverymen wheeling huge carts of stuff or racks of clothes through crowded streets. Despite the obvious shift going on away from manufacturing/blue collar jobs, plenty of people in New York labor in a more traditional way. And plenty of people also love the Opening Ceremony store inside the Ace Hotel, but what they don't know is that any suburban Goodwill will have the same looks for less.
Why do I have this blog? I already have like nine other blogs. But since I am constantly thinking about New York as a place, and constantly taking photos here, I need a place to archive my photos and also complain kind of like they are always complaining on all the NYC blogs I read. I assume the people who read my fashion blog don't care about my wistful views on the city, and we all know what it's like to get into a blog and then have the bloggers interests shift to something you find boring, like sports or children. And the world needs another blog.

My muse Dan in front of Moishe's bake shop, which of course is great. It could almost be the 70's in this photo.

View From the Williamsburg Bridge

I think South Williamsburg is so beautiful.