Monday, September 12, 2011

Deep Thoughts on 9/11

Last night, we took a walk through DUMBO- the skyline was beautiful, with the ghostly towers and all. It seemed like it should have been a solemn moment, but there were tourists everywhere, some carrying 9/11 Memorial gift bags. There was a group of Italian men in suits laughing and screaming and taking goofy photos against the skyline, and a group of Mormons taking photos of each other from every possible angle. It seemed like 5 out of 10 people was carrying a tripod to take their award-winning photo.

It was the same spot my friends and I had tried to se Ghostbusters at this summer, but there had been too many people, especially a lot of tourists, to even get close. It seems pretty harsh that even 9/11 has turned into one of those many other things (or maybe it was always like this, of course I am not from New York) that caters to people who are just visiting rather than people who live here, and especially not long-term residents, who, like New York accents, barely even exist these days.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill has the best vacant lots in town, graffiti and cool old cars. The lot on Classon and Myrtle used to have a huge cutout of Angela Davis on the plywood surrounding it, now she is gone and its been paved over- when I moved here I of course didn't think about the inevitability of all the lots getting developed. Of course, none of these people who live in Brooklyn (including me) would have moved here if it hadn't
been developed.