Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Signs in/on the Lower East Side

New Yorkers I guess say "on line" instead of "in line" - I thought this was some kind of apoclyptic digital-age thing, but apparently they have always said "on line" here. It's also common to say "on" the Lower East Side instead of "in," like in the Blondie song In the Flesh where she sings
I saw you walking one day on the Lower East Side
which is really funny because it's a parody of 50's romance songs and the Lower East Side was trashy as hell back then. Anyway, "on the Lower East Side" doesn't really roll off my tongue, and I'm not going to say "on line," you know???

Old Sort of Sidewalk in Tribeca

This was raised off the ground, surrounding the beautiful old industrial buildings around here, so it was kind of a raised platform and not a sidewalk per se. One of the things I love about Manhattan is that you can explore a completely new area by wandering off an area you're more familiar with. Wandering south of the West Village, I was surprised to come across the mainly empty streets of this area, with its old brick buildings, cobblestones streets, and faded signs advertising port-related businesses. Even in post-gentrified NYC, the quaintness and charm of the city can still blow ya away!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Neither More Nor Less

Here are some photos taken by street photographer Bob Arihood of Neither More Nor Less, who died recently. Hid blog detailed the comings and goings of the street people of Tompkins Square Park and the surrounding area, as well as reporting on their stories.