Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old-Fashioned Signs in South Williamsburg

Is it really South Williamsburg or is it Wallabout? Is Wallabout a real neighborhood name? I like this area a lot, it is between Clinton Hill and south Williamsburg, following the BQE.

I don't think this blog will be a success because it's very hard for me to take a decent photo of a building. Anyway, I walked around this Hasidic neighborhood on a Saturday, the Sabbath, and it was ghostly-empty. It's weird to be in New York when no one's around. The sound of a plastic bag blowing in the wind startled me. Plus it was one of those going-to-rain days where the air is gusty and a storm seems to be a-brewin. I love that weather. I also love all these old signs. God, the Feltly hats one! It's like stepping back in time. Too bad it's such a cruddy photo.

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