Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yuppie Apocalypse

It's amazing how people go into any place with this vibe and outdoor seating. According to the internets, this is a very popular restaurant and it is 100% organic, started by a South American businessman and confessed "foodie" who polled NYC diners on what kind of restaurant they want. They advertise gluten-free pasta on the awning. Like other Manhattan restaurants, this would not look at all out of place in an airport or mall:

Sure, I complain about the ubiquity of subway tile and pressed tin ceilings in Brooklyn, but at least those elements have some character and link to what New York is supposed to be about. I think the bottom line is that yuppies especially don't have good taste. How could you voluntarily spend all day in a Starbucks? Does no one notice that it's ugly and gross in there?

Also, watch out for lime green! Everything is lime green!

Slobbily dressed yuppie couple out for a stroll.

Here's a similar business, advertising nothing over 500 calories on the sign. And the lime green.

Okay, so I guess I should just go up to people and ask to photograph them instead of taking these blurry photos, but I just wanted to point out how poorly these people dress, and how men and women of this social group are constantly in workout clothes. A blight!


  1. That "gusto organics" place is on 6th near 14th right? I walk by that every time I go to my therapist. And am also enraged!

  2. I think it was actually in "the village" but I think there are so many restaurant that look like this, you know?