Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brooklyn Academy of Music

I wish people were still carving angry cherubs onto buildings instead of coating them with brushed stainless steel (how did that become a building a material???) and "reclaimed " wood veneer and filling them with drywall. Actually, BAM has a very modern awning I find ugly, complete with brushed stainless steel poles that look like they belong on some sort of industrial staircase. I know people get annoyed when you tell them you hate modern architecture but hey guess what soon it will be old and the lovers of modern architecture will find it ugly and dated, like in the future when we have internet walls and doors that scan our brains.


  1. Oh god, I loathe the 'tasteful' brushed-stainless-steelites too. We have them in London just as badly. I always cry inside when I see a beautiful old building that's got some horrible glass and aluminium monstrosity stuck to the side or top or whatever like a parasite. There is a great blog called Bad British Architecture that is now sadly unmaintained which hilariously looks at many such heinous crimes against building: http://badbritisharchitecture.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh man, it would be so depressing to live in a world populated by the bad British architecture examples and nothing else. And you know in 40 years everyone's gonna be like, "Brushed stainless steal? So dated and 2000s!"