Monday, February 20, 2012

Coney Island, Last Summer

Oh Coney Island, bet you won't be looking so awesome this year. The day the first photo was taken on one of the first really hot days in the air, a really humid day that felt electrically charged. There were all these teenage hotties prowling the boardwalk, and fights were breaking out every couple minutes. It always seems new-agey to talk about energy, but there was some energy in the air that day.
Eventually Dan was like, "We gotta get out of here!" because we were feeling hella white and out of place, and then we left and on the way back we saw all the cop cars and someone had been stabbed or shot or something.
The thing with Coney Island is that people don't go the arcades and rides that much, because of the modern age, but it's certainly well populated with locals during the summer, but the people trying to redo it act like it's empty. And the signs and the rides are so beautiful, of course.
I love beach photos and the colors of everything on the beach. It's so beautiful when the sun starts to set and it's hazy and warm.

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